Orthodontist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Orthodontist salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Massachusetts $282,740
South Carolina $279,610
North Carolina $276,550
New Jersey $274,400
Iowa $267,870
Oklahoma $261,650
Pennsylvania $258,940
New York $250,890
Indiana $232,900
Colorado $230,400
Ohio $228,420
Tennessee $219,860
Michigan $217,730
Connecticut $197,440
Wisconsin $201,010
Florida $180,720
Idaho $184,760
Maryland $194,610
Illinois $176,410
California $198,330
New Mexico $157,590
Texas $183,480
Montana $188,120
Kentucky $88,770
Louisiana $98,620
Utah $99,510

How much does an Orthodontist earn?

The procedures that orthodontists perform have both an aesthetic and a functional component and are considered more complicated and time consuming than the procedures performed in a dentist’s office. Therefore, the studies and the salary can grow exponentially for orthodontists. The lowest paid earn approximately $78,000 annually while the highest paid earn over $300,000 per year.

Where an orthodontist works matters when it comes to salary. Orthodontists that work in dental offices have a median wage of $196,170/yr or $94.31/hr; those working in other health practitioner's offices have an income of $192,600/yr or $92.60/hr; while those working in outpatient care centres earn $203,000/yr or $97.60/hr. The higher paid orthodontist positions are in physician's offices, with incomes of $232,360 or more.

An orthodontist’s experience has a great impact on his/hers overall earnings. For example, for a highly experienced and reputable orthodontist, salaries can reach as high as $350 per hour which averages to more than $612,500 per year. In contrast, an orthodontist with very little experience can receive an hourly wage of about $57.69 per hour which averages to about $100,958 per year.

The top paying states are Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, and Arizona. All five states report earnings greater than $188,000 for the highest paid orthodontists. The best Cities or Metropolitan areas are Phoenix AZ, New York NY, Los Angeles CA, Atlanta GA, and Newark NJ. The highest reported salary is in Phoenix and is over $240,000 per year. Newark NJ is the lowest at approximately $220,000 per year.

How do orthodontist salaries compare to similar careers?

Orthodontists earn 56% more than similar careers in the United States. On average, they make more than chiropractors.

Career Median Salary
Orthodontist salary $231K
Dentist salary $156K
Podiatrist salary $126K
Veterinarian salary $95K
Chiropractor salary $70K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)