Chiropractor earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Chiropractor salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Texas $83,730
Rhode Island $83,240
Tennessee $77,360
New Jersey $99,070
Illinois $90,620
Pennsylvania $75,450
Washington $63,010
Missouri $66,550
Ohio $77,140
Indiana $79,890
North Carolina $78,300
Connecticut $63,060
Massachusetts $84,630
Delaware $75,380
Nevada $77,380
Florida $80,560
Maryland $69,320
Alaska $91,940
South Carolina $69,640
Minnesota $82,030
Mississippi $79,440
Wisconsin $70,980
Maine $84,170
Colorado $56,410
Alabama $68,470
Hawaii $81,990
New Hampshire $67,970
South Dakota $71,770
Idaho $68,530
New York $78,960
Iowa $66,700
California $63,170
North Dakota $61,810
Louisiana $65,670
West Virginia $66,880
Oregon $66,510
Wyoming $60,320
Kentucky $59,040
Nebraska $51,220
Virginia $63,560
Georgia $59,310
New Mexico $67,030
Oklahoma $58,530
Arizona $68,670
Michigan $59,590
Kansas $54,370
Montana $56,090
Utah $46,610
Puerto Rico $37,840

How much does a Chiropractor earn?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, chiropractors earn a median annual salary of $66,720. The BLS says the lowest 10 percent of chiropractors earn less than $31,400.

If you have strong marketing skills, you may do well in a solo or group practice. Securing a steady and healthy salary with a solo practice comes from building a strong clientele, but it takes time and plenty of networking. If the thought of going out on your own right after graduating is not a comfortable one, consider working in a group practice or hospital where you can continue to learn from others and gain the confidence to eventually run your own business. If you choose to work in a group practice, you might consider working towards becoming a partner, while a hospital setting allows you the chance to move your way up the ladder.

You can also increase your earning potential by having a specialization. If you’re an expert in a certain medical area, you may be able to charge a higher fee for your expertise. Another option is to partner with a medical doctor, as you can refer patients to each other.

Another factor that may affect your salary is location, as where you practice can make a difference. The five best paying states for chiropractors are Alaska ($157,420), Ohio ($126,060), North Carolina ($113,330), Massachusetts ($106,340), and Washington ($97,160). The five best cities or metropolitan areas to earn a chiropractor salary are Spokane WA ($173,220), Anchorage AK ($167,280), Camden NJ ($158,270), Akron OH ($152,870), and Rockford IL ($146,900).

How do chiropractor salaries compare to similar careers?

Chiropractors earn 9% less than similar careers in the United States. On average, they make less than dentists but more than music therapists.

Career Median Salary
Dentist salary $152K
Podiatrist salary $130K
Veterinarian salary $94K
Acupuncturist salary $74K
Naturopathic physician salary $74K
Chiropractor salary $71K
Coroner salary $69K
Midwife salary $55K
Recreational therapist salary $48K
Music therapist salary $48K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)