Physical therapist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Physical therapist salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Nevada $97,950
Illinois $89,378
Alaska $96,660
New Jersey $95,690
New Mexico $93,250
California $97,610
Connecticut $94,790
Delaware $93,160
Texas $91,060
Massachusetts $92,060
Virginia $90,960
Michigan $88,940
Alabama $88,110
Hawaii $89,500
Louisiana $84,480
District of Columbia $85,470
Mississippi $87,090
West Virginia $83,390
North Carolina $86,600
Wyoming $87,630
New York $85,100
Florida $87,840
Ohio $86,970
Georgia $86,310
Utah $81,640
Washington $86,090
Oregon $85,480
South Carolina $87,250
Kansas $86,530
Wisconsin $85,430
Maryland $89,020
Oklahoma $86,680
Kentucky $84,920
Indiana $80,507
Rhode Island $79,890
Minnesota $85,100
Nebraska $80,130
Arkansas $76,457
Iowa $79,460
Tennessee $85,240
New Hampshire $82,760
Colorado $81,460
Missouri $79,720
Montana $77,080
North Dakota $77,740
Idaho $78,760
Maine $75,940
South Dakota $75,510
Pennsylvania $71,571
Vermont $74,900
Arizona $66,836
Guam $60,340
Virgin Islands $51,020
Puerto Rico $45,120

How much does a Physical Therapist earn?

As with most professions, salaries for physical therapists vary widely based on a therapist’s number of years in the industry. In fact, a therapist’s number of years in clinical practice plays a much larger role in determining salary than does his or her educational level. Entry-level physical therapists made an average of $66,000 in 2011, whereas physical therapists with 16 or more years of experience earned an average salary of $84,000. A therapist who falls somewhere between these two extremes—not fresh out of school, but not quite a seasoned vet—should expect to earn a salary somewhere near the national median ($82,390 in 2014).

Physical Therapist Compensation by Geographical Region

Additional factors such as geographic location and type of therapy facility also affect an individual's salary. For example, the average physical therapist salary in the nation's top-paying state, Nevada, is $127,900; whereas the average salary in the lowest-paying state, Montana, is $69,590. The highest paid in the physical therapist profession work in the metropolitan areas of Las Vegas, Laredo, Texas, and Brownsville, Texas. The Lake Havasu City, Arizona area also pays well, as does the city of Vallejo, California.

How do physical therapist salaries compare to similar careers?

Physical therapists earn about the same as related careers in the United States. On average, they make less than physician assistants but more than clinical psychologists.

Career Median Salary
Physician assistant salary $109K
Anesthesiologist assistant salary $109K
Neuropsychologist salary $101K
Biomedical engineer salary $89K
Informatics nurse specialist salary $89K
Physical therapist salary $88K
Occupational therapist salary $84K
Radiation therapist salary $82K
Psychologist salary $56K
Clinical psychologist salary $77K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)