Police officer earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Police officer salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Virginia $42,193
New York $59,831
California $49,690
Illinois $68,500
Texas $46,731
Florida $38,000
Ohio $44,000
Georgia $35,000

How do police officer salaries compare to similar careers?

Police officers earn about the same as related careers in the United States. On average, they make less than private detectives but more than interior designers.

Career Median Salary
Private detective salary $39K
Probation officer salary $43K
Underwriter salary $48K
Meter reader salary $34K
Insurance appraiser salary $47K
Police officer salary $43K
Substance abuse social worker salary $43K
Recruiter salary $42K
Forensic science technician salary $41K
Interior designer salary $36K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)