Is becoming a radio mechanic right for me?

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How to become a Radio Mechanic

Radio mechanics typically have experience and qualifications in applied science, electronics or engineering. Those who wish to enter the field without these academic qualifications often do so by enlisting in the military and receiving the necessary training during their time of service.

Radio mechanics must enjoy working with their hands and have a talent for finding and fixing problems. Most mechanics are also gifted diagnosticians who can quickly and accurately troubleshoot malfunctioning radio equipment and implement an effective solution that restores communications, often using a very limited supply of available repair parts. To do this, these professionals must have an encyclopedic knowledge of circuitry, hardware and other radio components, and must be able to recall this information instantly; the ability to identify problems and fix them on the go is particularly important for military radio mechanics in a combat zone.

All types of radio mechanics must keep up with the lightening-fast pace of worldwide technological innovation by reading professional journals, networking with other mechanics and seeking continual education and further training. Many companies who employ radio mechanics will pay for this training and require the mechanics to complete several continuing education courses every year.