Surgical technologist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Surgical technologist salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Alaska $63,870
California $60,340
District of Columbia $59,200
Nevada $58,940
Minnesota $58,540
Washington $57,240
Connecticut $56,290
Maryland $55,110
Massachusetts $54,440
New York $53,410
Oregon $53,700
Idaho $51,330
Hawaii $48,780
Arizona $51,485
Wisconsin $52,800
New Jersey $53,070
Colorado $53,020
Virginia $48,270
Rhode Island $50,740
New Hampshire $50,200
Montana $47,790
Texas $48,420
Ohio $45,910
Delaware $46,860
Maine $45,590
Illinois $44,094
Pennsylvania $44,513
Kentucky $43,690
Nebraska $45,260
North Carolina $43,940
Indiana $43,491
North Dakota $44,520
Georgia $44,450
Utah $41,540
New Mexico $42,380
Florida $43,930
Vermont $38,950
Tennessee $42,350
Wyoming $43,060
Michigan $43,270
Arkansas $41,370
Missouri $41,960
Kansas $40,851
Iowa $41,080
Oklahoma $39,910
South Dakota $39,990
Louisiana $39,410
South Carolina $38,790
Mississippi $39,010
Alabama $35,746
West Virginia $36,620
Puerto Rico $19,080

How much does a Surgical Technologist earn?

There are a few things that can influence a surgical technologist salary. As with any career, training, experience and location are the three main factors that will determine what your salary will be. Other factors can impact total pay, including overtime, bonuses and profit sharing. Some employers may offer a wide range of benefits, not limited to just dental and medical insurance but also including the availability of retirement plans, tuition reimbursement or even relocation assistance.

Other considerations are the number of available jobs compared to the amount of surgical technologists in your area. If there are more jobs than there are individuals to fill the positions, the value of your skill increases and salaries will become more competitive as employers compete to fill positions.

Certification can not only greatly increase the chance of finding a position but can also lead to higher salaries. Having neuroscience, neurosurgery, open heart and vascular skills can also positively affect a surgical technologist salary.

How do surgical technologist salaries compare to similar careers?

Surgical technologists earn about the same as related careers in the United States. On average, they make less than hearing aid specialists but more than ophthalmic medical technicians.

Career Median Salary
Hearing aid specialist salary $53K
Respiratory therapist salary $53K
Occupational therapist assistant salary $51K
Exercise physiologist salary $49K
Licensed practical nurse salary $45K
Surgical technologist salary $42K
Medical appliance technician salary $41K
Community health worker salary $39K
Endoscopy technician salary $38K
Ophthalmic medical technician salary $35K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)