Is becoming a switchboard operator right for me?

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How to become a Switchboard Operator

The educational requirements for switchboard operators are normally that of having a high school diploma. There are technical schools that can train students in working with switchboards. This can be helpful in working with large switchboards that require more skills than a simple switchboard.

There are several attributes and skills that a switchboard operator must possess to succeed in this career field. They must have excellent hearing. This may sound simple, but since 90% of the job involves listening to callers, it is important that one's hearing is excellent. Operators should also have a good speaking voice with the ability to enunciate well. If callers cannot understand the operator, then they will not be effective in their job.

Operators should also have a good grasp of working with computers. They should have the ability to learn and adapt to different computer programs for use on their job. Different companies have different types of switchboards and computer systems, so it is important to be able to work with different types of systems.

It is important to note that the job of an operator can be quite stressful. If one is working for a large company, there may be non-stop calls throughout the work day. The good thing about this is that the work is rarely boring; but the bad aspect is that it can be very busy at times.

Some people find this job too stressful and too isolated. If they are working in an isolated room, some find it to be harder to enjoy the job. Those who are working in the front of the business more as a receptionist enjoy the ability to meet and greet customers and other workers throughout the day and this helps them enjoy the job much more.