As a student of psychology, you will study the way that humans act, feel, think, and learn. The wide scope of this subject means that there are many concentrations from which to choose.

Research and experimental psychology focuses on the scientific investigation of psychological processes like learning and memory. Programs in clinical counseling and applied psychology prepare students to work as independent clinicians, diagnosing and treating psychological and behavioral disorders. Within this sub-field there are options to specialize in counseling for children, families, and the elderly. The study of individual and group behavior in the workplace is the subject of industrial and organizational psychology. Educational psychology is concerned with the behavior of individuals as teachers and learners in school environments. There are also programs related to the application of psychology in the criminal justice system and the effects that drugs have on mood, thinking, and behavior.

Personality. Thoughts. Emotions. Motivations. Health. Development. These are the keystones and learning pillars of psychology.

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