In addition to meeting application requirements, you’ll have to consider how much it will cost to study at your dream school. Colleges and universities offer scholarships and financial aid, as do corporations, associations, and the government. You might be surprised by the options you discover. To help you get a sense of your baseline education costs, here are the typical tuition rates for a school psychology degree:

average yearly tuition as per the most recent US census data
$ 11,000 per year
Average in-state tuition in 2017

31% above average compared to other degrees

$ 27,334 per year
Average out-of-state tuition in 2017

36% above average compared to other degrees

$ 41,343 per year
Average private tuition in 2017

28% above average compared to other degrees

What do school psychology graduates earn?

School psychology students make an average of $45,638 per year after graduation. This is 32% below average compared to other undergraduate degrees.

$ 45,638 per year
Average graduate salary in 2017

Bottom 11% of degrees

% of people underpaid in 2019

0% above average compared to other degrees

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