Accountant earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Accountant salary by state

State Name Average Salary
New Jersey $90,400
District of Columbia $91,890
New York $83,250
Virginia $76,490
Connecticut $76,450
Maryland $74,030
Colorado $72,940
Massachusetts $74,890
Rhode Island $76,770
Texas $72,860
Washington $70,600
Missouri $70,240
Delaware $72,750
North Carolina $69,840
Alaska $73,244
California $70,805
Georgia $68,870
Vermont $67,310
Idaho $66,110
Michigan $65,850
Oklahoma $65,030
New Hampshire $67,120
Minnesota $66,240
Ohio $64,630
Louisiana $66,860
Florida $62,270
Oregon $65,760
Utah $63,410
Maine $63,150
Illinois $63,746
Tennessee $62,100
Wisconsin $63,390
West Virginia $62,670
Nebraska $59,820
Nevada $62,350
Montana $61,460
New Mexico $60,120
Wyoming $60,870
Indiana $59,555
South Dakota $62,270
South Carolina $58,640
Pennsylvania $59,076
Kentucky $56,964
Kansas $57,757
Iowa $58,329
Mississippi $56,690
North Dakota $59,660
Hawaii $57,828
Alabama $56,503
Arkansas $54,645
Arizona $53,014
Virgin Islands $48,650
Guam $44,690
Puerto Rico $32,770

How much does an Accountant earn?

A certified public accountant career is one of the most well paid in the United States. In 2015 the CPA profession is also predicted to continue to grow and is a great opportunity for someone entering the job market. Students who earn their CPA license can expect a median salary of $73,800, with top salaries around $124,000.

Starting salaries will vary based on an individuals education and experience. Entry-level accountants at large accounting firms earn between $50,000 and $55,000, while those at mid-sized firms earn between $47,000 and $51,000. The smallest firms generally offered salaries of less than $40,000. An accountant who starts out at $50,000 a year will earn, on average, $52,000 with one year of experience and $65,000 after three years. Accountants at large firms who move into supervisory and management positions earn $80,000 or more, with some salaries exceeding $100,000.

Accountant Compensation by Geographical Region

Accountant salaries vary across the country. BLS reports that the New York City area offered accountants the highest salaries, and Washington D.C., Boston, and Philadelphia also had above-average salaries. At the other end of the scale, the average mean wage for accountants in Tallahassee, Florida, was $51,850 and in Jefferson City, Missouri, was $49,200.

Accountant salaries can vary depending on which sector the accountant works for. Accountants in the financial and technical sectors are paid the highest salaries: $76,310 for investment funds and $74,860 for technical consulting services. Accountants working for state and local governments have average salaries of less than $60,000.

How do accountant salaries compare to similar careers?

Accountants earn about the same as related careers in the United States. On average, they make less than financial quantitative analysts but more than tax preparers.

Career Median Salary
Financial quantitative analyst salary $70K
Securities and commodities broker salary $64K
Credit analyst salary $65K
Loan officer salary $60K
Cost estimator salary $59K
Accountant salary $59K
Social fundraiser salary $57K
Revenue agent salary $54K
Credit counselor salary $45K
Tax preparer salary $41K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)