Highest Paying Outdoor Jobs

Would you rather spend your days out in the forest than stuck in a cubicle? Do you long to explore your natural environment?

Outdoors jobs are often shrugged off as being poorly paid, but, in reality, there are a number of well-compensated positions that don't involve any office work. If you love the outdoors and never want to leave, you might as well make it your career. If money matters, too, then one of these careers may be for you.

Here Are Sokanu's Top Jobs for People Who Love the Outdoors:

A list of 9 careers Updated February 12, 2019
  • #1: Marine Engineer

    Marine engineers spend a huge part of their time out on the open ocean. These skilled professionals design, test, build, and repair boats, submarines, and ships of all sizes. It's a social job that often involves coordinating with naval architects and other professionals. But it's also creative and detail-oriented work, involving tasks such as blueprint creation, engine design, and prototype testing.

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  • #2: Mining and Geological Engineer

    Most mining and geological engineers work in mining operations in remote locations: small towns surrounded by vast natural landscapes. They spend much of their day outside, exploring current or future mining sites to assess their safety and functionality, as well as supervising the construction of new tunnels, mine shafts, and other essential operational components.

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  • #3: Geologist

    Geologists are experts in many aspects of the earth: the materials of which it is comprised, the forces that act upon it, and the biology of its ancestral inhabitants. They spend their days investigating its history in hopes of better understanding current and future geological occurrences. Although they may work in classrooms, laboratories, and offices from time to time, most of their work takes place outdoors, in the field.

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  • #4: Biomass Power Plant Manager

    Although most biomass power plant managers spend at least some time in an office, almost half of them spend at least part of every workday outdoors. Professional biomass power plant managers supervise every aspect of the plant's operations: tracking how much energy it produces and uses, ensuring daily tasks are completed in compliance with official regulations, testing and repairing essential equipment, and more.

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  • #5: Construction Manager

    If you are both people-oriented and outdoorsy, construction manager may be an ideal career for you. Also referred to as "general contractors" or "project managers," these skilled professionals work on a variety of different building projects, collaborating with architects, carpenters, and other construction workers to bring a project to completion. While they do spend some time indoors, a significant portion of their work takes place outside, at the construction site itself.

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  • #6: Civil Engineer

    Civil engineers are responsible for designing public works such as dams, buildings, bridges, and other large infrastructure constructions. To do their job well, they need to be comfortable both in an office and out in the field. While some of their work involves executing detailed calculations and designs, they also make frequent trips to construction sites and other outdoor locations to monitor progress, resolve onsite problems, and supervise teams.

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  • #7: Shipmate

    If your love nothing more than a day out at sea, a career as a shipmate might be for you. Also known as "merchant mariners," these highly trained seamen maintain and operate ships of various sizes and professional purposes. They may head out for just a few hours to ferry passengers from shore shore, or find themselves on cargo voyages that extend for several months at a time. But no matter what their specific role, these hardworking individuals enjoy fresh air and open waters on an almost daily basis.

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  • #8: Special Agent

    Special agents are investigators or detectives who work to collect evidence against alleged criminal violations on behalf of a government agency. While this isn't typically the first job that comes to mind when people think of outdoor careers, it can involve a great deal of time out in the field, in all kinds of weather conditions. Travel is a also big part of the job, as special agents are required to go to the location of whatever operation they are investigating.

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  • #9: Farm Manager

    For people who love the sight of a flourishing corn field, a career as a farm manager is an ideal choice. This is a leadership position, as farm managers are responsible for supervising all aspects of a farming operation. They work with other farming staff to take care of livestock; fertilize, cultivate, and harvest crops; and ensure that all aspects of the farm are running smoothly.

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