Commercial diver earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Commercial diver salary by state

State Name Average Salary
New Jersey $90,400
Alabama $69,680
Alaska $69,050
Louisiana $59,810
Connecticut $58,540
Indiana $56,820
Michigan $53,970
New Hampshire $52,380
New York $49,900
South Carolina $48,560
Virginia $48,430
West Virginia $47,940
Florida $47,170
Vermont $47,150
Maryland $46,570
Texas $45,380
Kentucky $45,100
Tennessee $40,840
North Carolina $37,590
Ohio $35,820
Missouri $33,060
California $159,890
Washington $134,470

How do commercial diver salaries compare to similar careers?

Commercial divers earn about the same as related careers in Connecticut. On average, they make less than elevator mechanics but more than building inspectors.

Career Median Salary
Elevator mechanic salary $98K
Architect salary $80K
Aviation inspector salary $72K
Aircraft mechanic salary $81K
Power plant operator salary $75K
Commercial diver salary $59K
Surveyor salary $65K
Ironworker salary $65K
Boilermaker salary $68K
Building inspector salary $66K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)