There are currently an estimated 47,200 jewelers in the United States. The jeweler job market is expected to shrink by -3.0% between 2022 and 2032.

How employable are jewelers?

CareerExplorer rates jewelers with a D employability rating, meaning this career should provide weak employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 4,400 jewelers. That number is based on the retirement of 5,800 existing jewelers.

Are jewelers in demand?

The U.S. job market for jewelers is in decline. The downturn is due principally to the fact that most jewelry is now manufactured outside of the United States to capitalize on lower production costs. This trend is adversely affecting employment of lower-skilled workers in this occupation. Some opportunities should be available for jewelers who are trained in design or repair and therefore qualified to replace the knowledge and expertise of retirees from the field. However, independent designers, even those with experience in computer-aided design (CAD), will continue to face strong competition from mass manufacturers able to automate their processes and offer a vast array of products at relatively low prices. In addition, non-traditional jewelry marketers, such as discount stores; mail-order and catalogue companies; television shopping networks; and online retailers, have further expanded consumer buying options and reduced the need for jewelers who work mainly in sales. While there will always be demand for customized and boutique jewelry, this niche market is not predicted to create many jobs or generate significant economic growth. Experienced jewelers may become master jewelers, supervisors, or managers with large manufacturers, design studios, or retail stores. Some may open their own businesses. As is the case with most nonessential items, sales of jewelry decrease in a slow economy. During these slowdowns, though, workers skilled in jewelry repair may fare better, simply because maintaining, repairing, and restoring jewelry is less costly than buying new pieces.

What’s the supply of jewelers?

The jeweler industry is concentrated in New York, California, Texas

Jeweler job market by state

State Name Employed Jewelers
New York 4,580
California 2,940
Texas 2,900
Florida 1,250
Illinois 1,000
Pennsylvania 760
Ohio 750
New Jersey 620
Michigan 590
New Mexico 570
Massachusetts 560
Rhode Island 550
Arizona 550
North Carolina 480
Louisiana 470
Georgia 440
Utah 380
Washington 380
Alabama 360
Indiana 350
Maryland 340
Oregon 330
Wisconsin 320
South Carolina 320
Colorado 300
Missouri 290
Oklahoma 280
Minnesota 270
Arkansas 230
Hawaii 220
Tennessee 210
Iowa 200
Kansas 180
Nebraska 160
Nevada 130
Connecticut 130
Kentucky 110
South Dakota 110
Montana 110
Maine 100
North Dakota 90
New Hampshire 90
Mississippi 70
Vermont 70
West Virginia 60
Idaho 60
Virgin Islands, U.S. 40