What is a Maintenance Worker?

A maintenance worker is an individual who is responsible for the maintenance and repair of a building or a group of buildings.

Examples of employers that could potentially employ this type of worker include colleges, factories, hotels, hospitals, rental companies, public and private schools, and shopping plazas.

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What does a Maintenance Worker do?

A maintenance worker repairing plumbing inside a wall.

Large companies will often have a maintenance department, which will include several maintenance workers reporting to a foreman, that have specific tasks to do. Smaller companies typically have only one or two maintenance workers. If issues arise that require more maintenance workers, they will contract that work to an outside service.

Generally, a maintenance worker will follow a schedule to ensure that the entire building or set of buildings they are responsible for are attended to. The type of maintenance that a worker provides in this field includes general carpentry, electrical, masonry, and plumbing. It is also their responsibility to recognize potential problems or repairs that are out of their scope of expertise. When this occurs, they will contact administration so that the appropriate expert can be hired to repair or maintain the building.

In addition to structural building inspections and general maintenance, including lawn mowing and window washing, maintenance workers will also troubleshoot or repair machines, mechanical equipment, and basic electrical / heating / cooling issues.

When supplies are needed to maintain or repair equipment, it is usually the responsibility of the maintenance worker or maintenance department to order the correct supplies or parts. Maintenance workers also set up and assemble new equipment. Detailed records must be kept to document all repairs, inspections, and maintenance that occurs.

Are you suited to be a maintenance worker?

Maintenance workers have distinct personalities. They tend to be realistic individuals, which means they’re independent, stable, persistent, genuine, practical, and thrifty. They like tasks that are tactile, physical, athletic, or mechanical. Some of them are also investigative, meaning they’re intellectual, introspective, and inquisitive.

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What is the workplace of a Maintenance Worker like?

There are several industries that routinely hire maintenance workers, including real estate rental and lending agencies, manufacturing companies, educational services departments that include state, local, and private schools, and health care and social assistance agencies. While these industries are the most common employers of maintenance workers, the field is not limited to only these sectors.

Depending on the needs of the employer, the workplace can change day-to-day. If the employer is restricted to one building, like a hospital, business, or hotel, the maintenance worker may only need to go to one location. However, if there is more than one location, like an apartment complex or college campus, they may have to travel to several different work sites in one day.

In inclement weather, a worker may be required to make necessary repairs or maintenance to the outside of the building.

Maintenance Workers are also known as:
Building Maintenance Worker General Maintenance Worker