Is becoming a music manager right for me?

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How to become a Music Manager

According to the 'Artist Management Resource', there are several ways to go about getting educated, including:

School - several universities and colleges have music business management programs that may be of interest to those that have the money, time and geographical access. Search online for information on which institutions offer music business management programs or courses you can take either on campus or via online learning.

Books / Self-study – if you don’t have the access to funding for college or university, another option is to purchase some of the various books available on the topic of how to become a music manager and/or studying much of the material available online in the form of blogs, articles, forum postings, newsletters, etc. You can also attend music business conferences and/or seminars in order to get valuable information from the various panelists and establish connections with attendees and sponsors.

Apprentice / Intern – another way to get a music manager job is to spend time interning at a management company. Jobs in music management are difficult to get without a track record, so working behind-the-scenes inside a company allows you to gain experience on the job (which could lead to a job at that company or provide you the experience to start your own company) as well as enable you to develop contacts within the company itself and also with people who the company does business with.