Nurse anesthetist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Nurse anesthetist salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Montana $242,140
Wyoming $206,020
California $198,780
Oregon $179,230
Nevada $160,270
Wisconsin $186,470
Washington $183,740
Hawaii $185,460
New Jersey $185,970
Michigan $186,240
Kentucky $170,480
North Dakota $183,310
Connecticut $170,820
Minnesota $179,370
Nebraska $181,130
South Dakota $181,270
Iowa $175,380
West Virginia $161,050
District of Columbia $161,650
Virginia $164,910
New York $160,220
Alaska $169,990
Massachusetts $164,420
Maine $152,780
North Carolina $159,830
South Carolina $165,640
Florida $147,410
Oklahoma $165,510
Pennsylvania $155,350
Kansas $149,330
Arkansas $151,480
Alabama $153,890
New Hampshire $152,570
Ohio $148,580
Missouri $153,940
Utah $153,370
Mississippi $162,620
Idaho $148,000
Texas $154,850
Indiana $146,380
New Mexico $179,040
Colorado $153,880
Tennessee $141,150
Louisiana $143,130
Georgia $138,610
Maryland $138,670
Illinois $141,570
Arizona $100,770
Puerto Rico $56,910

How much does a Nurse Anesthetist earn?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there is a considerable and huge requirement for CRNAs all over the country. This is majorly because of the boost in the demand of health care services by people of all age groups, the accessibility of care to the masses, and the technological advancements and growth.

Anesthesia care is among the most lucrative nursing specialties. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 2016-17 Occupational Outlook Handbook, the median national annual salary for CRNAs is $153,780.

Actual salaries may vary greatly based on a variety of factors. Nurse anesthetists work in a variety of settings, from hospitals to pain clinics, and each type of employer pays a different salary. RNs, which includes CRNAs, in hospitals tend to make higher nurse anesthetist salaries than those who work in nursing homes.

The more nursing education an individual has received, the more they increase their nursing salary potential. Nurse anesthetists, who must hold a master's degree and specialized certification to practice, earn some of the highest nursing salaries of any practice area. And as one might expect, a nurse anesthetist's salary goes up as they gain more years of experience as a practicing registered nurse.

The top paying states for nurse anesthetists are:
Nevada - $221,240
Wisconsin - $200,350
Wyoming - $197,310
Maryland - $196,690
District of Columbia - $187,200

How do nurse anesthetist salaries compare to similar careers?

Nurse anesthetists earn 12% more than similar careers in the United States. On average, they make less than prosthodontists but more than optometrists.

Career Median Salary
Prosthodontist salary $185K
Nurse anesthetist salary $165K
Physician assistant salary $95K
Psychologist salary $66K
Nurse educator salary $62K
Optometrist salary $110K