Underwriter earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Underwriter salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Alaska $61,840
Alabama $59,650
Arkansas $47,030
Arizona $62,762
California $78,750
Colorado $71,180
Connecticut $77,346
District of Columbia $80,410
Delaware $64,350
Florida $63,790
Georgia $73,910
Guam $36,650
Hawaii $64,530
Iowa $66,682
Idaho $68,710
Illinois $70,566
Indiana $77,190
Kansas $74,630
Kentucky $67,276
Louisiana $56,920
Massachusetts $76,760
Maryland $76,450
Maine $65,040
Michigan $65,450
Minnesota $63,820
Missouri $64,660
Mississippi $60,960
Montana $71,290
North Carolina $71,570
North Dakota $59,860
Nebraska $59,960
New Hampshire $80,530
New Jersey $79,930
New Mexico $54,430
Nevada $61,780
New York $78,420
Ohio $68,190
Oklahoma $55,450
Oregon $71,220
Pennsylvania $77,300
Puerto Rico $37,730
Rhode Island $68,040
South Carolina $50,010
South Dakota $74,810
Tennessee $64,860
Texas $61,240
Utah $55,760
Virginia $64,260
Vermont $58,420
Washington $76,110
Wisconsin $63,490
West Virginia $52,890
Wyoming $58,630

How much does a Underwriter earn?

Those new to this field will typically start out towards the lower end of the underwriter salary scale and may move up in salary with experience. In addition, continuing education is required for advancement.

According to CollegeGrad.com, the median annual wages in 2014 for insurance underwriters in the top industries are:

Direct health and medical insurance carriers - $64,290/yr
Other insurance related activities - $64,160/yr
Direct insurance (except life, health, and medical) carriers - $63,700/yr
Management of companies and enterprises - $62,130/yr
Insurance agencies and brokerages - $61,680/yr

How do underwriter salaries compare to similar careers?

Underwriters earn about the same as related careers in Tennessee. On average, they make less than mail superintendents but more than insurance appraisers.

Career Median Salary
Mail superintendent salary $83K
Detective salary $58K
Insurance sales agent salary $57K
Underwriter salary $65K
Arbitrator salary $61K
Fire inspector salary $64K
Energy auditor salary $55K
Insurance appraiser salary $57K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)