Audiologist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Audiologist salary by state

State Name Average Salary
New Mexico $121,110
District of Columbia $106,230
California $96,040
North Dakota $82,140
Illinois $78,570
Oregon $83,350
Maine $77,720
New Jersey $84,230
Washington $83,960
Colorado $87,940
Connecticut $88,800
Maryland $89,740
Oklahoma $86,170
Wisconsin $77,110
New York $81,500
Virginia $74,380
Minnesota $79,050
North Carolina $73,600
Texas $73,200
Iowa $72,220
Massachusetts $77,300
Missouri $73,440
Georgia $70,970
Montana $69,920
Delaware $74,420
Hawaii $73,110
Arizona $73,810
Pennsylvania $74,080
Florida $72,470
Indiana $71,050
Mississippi $65,240
Alabama $71,130
Ohio $64,420
Michigan $71,150
South Carolina $69,000
Tennessee $67,700
Nebraska $64,450
Utah $64,460
Kentucky $61,110
Arkansas $68,730
Nevada $60,210
West Virginia $63,700
Kansas $53,200
Louisiana $60,190

How much does an Audiologist earn?

An audiologist's salary depends on his or her professional qualifications and level of specialized skills. It also depends on geographical location and work setting such as clinics, hospitals and schools.

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) conducted a survey of audiologists in the fall of 2014 - the data was gathered from 1,811 audiologists who responded to the 2014 Audiology Survey. The highlights were:

  • 72% of the audiologists worked for an annual salary
  • the median salary was $69,000 for audiologists who worked nine or ten months (academic year) and $75,000 for those who worked 11 or 12 months (calendar year)
  • the median salary was $65,053 for those with one to three years of experience
  • the median calendar year salary was $72,000 for clinical service providers, $76,000 for university faculty and clinical educators, and $100,465 for administrators
  • the median salary was $75,000 for those with a master’s degree, $73,000 with an AuD, and $107,574 with a PhD
  • the median salary was $74,000 for women and $84,563 for men
  • the median salary was $90,050 for those in California
  • the median salary was $72,763 for those in suburban areas
  • the median salary was $78,439 for private practice owners

How do audiologist salaries compare to similar careers?

Audiologists earn about the same as related careers in Mississippi. On average, they make less than health services managers but more than nuclear medicine technologists.

Career Median Salary
Health services manager salary $75K
Occupational therapist salary $81K
Radiation therapist salary $74K
Neuropsychologist salary $87K
Nurse educator salary $70K
Audiologist salary $65K
Clinical psychologist salary $51K
Counseling psychologist salary $51K
Informatics nurse specialist salary $60K
Nuclear medicine technologist salary $67K