Jobs for people who are interested in Politics

Discover careers for people who are interested in Politics.

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1. Ambassador

Ambassador Ambassador


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Ambassadors represent the US government, or their country of origin, in place of the president or leader.

2. Legislator

Legislator Legislator


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Legislators are members of the legislative branch of government, which is responsible for making new laws and changing existing laws.

3. Mayor

Mayor Mayor


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A mayor is the highest ranking municipal officer in a city or town.

4. Diplomat

Diplomat Diplomat


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Are you interested in being appointed by a nation state to represent and protect that nation's interests abroad?

5. Senator

Senator Senator


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A senator is someone who is elected in the central legislative body of a state (usually it concerns the upper, more prominent chamber of Parliament), by voters of a region or other territorial district, and fulfills this governing mandate for a number of years, according to the law.

6. Political Scientist

Political Scientist Political Scientist

Political Scientist

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Political scientists are part researcher, part analyst, and part forecaster.