Top Jobs for Zoology Degree Majors

Not sure what to do with your zoology degree? Here are some of the most popular careers for graduates in your field.

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12 Careers for Zoology Graduates

Do you love spending time with animals? Are you passionate about wildlife conservation? Are you fascinated by science?

If so, a degree in zoology might be for you. Zoology is a special branch of biology dedicated to the study of animal science and anatomy. Students in this field study topics like animal biology, behavior, adaptation, and conservation. They develop practical skills in field research and laboratory techniques, gaining hands-on experience working with animals of all kinds. They graduate with strong abilities in data collection and analysis, written and oral communication, project management, and team work.

These qualities—paired with their deep understanding of biology, ecosystems, and animal science—prepare zoology majors for a wide range of careers. Let's take a look at a few of the most common ones.

This article will be covering the following careers:

Career Avg Salary Satisfaction Your Match
Zoologist $70k 4.1/5
Park Naturalist $68k 4.0/5
Aquarist $36k 3.8/5
Veterinary Assistant $32k 3.6/5
Veterinarian $110k 3.8/5
Zoo Educator $29k 3.8/5
Wildlife Rehabilitator $37k 4.4/5
Marine Biologist $47k 4.1/5
Animal Trainer $38k 4.3/5
Sustainability Officer $213k 3.6/5
Conservation Scientist $68k 3.6/5
Professor $77k 3.7/5
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1. Zoologist

Not surprisingly, zoologist is a dream job for many zoology majors. These professional scientists work in research laboratories, academic institutions, or out in the field. They can study animals in captivity or in their natural environment, monitoring their behavior and development. They also prepare research reports, publish their findings in academic journals, present at conferences, and more.

Zoologist Zoologist


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A zoologist specializes in the study of animals and their behaviors, both in their natural habitats and controlled environments.

2. Park Naturalist

Park naturalists help the public make the most of the world's parks and recreational sites. They use their knowledge of the natural world to educate visitors about the fascinating plants, animals, and ecosystems that surround them. But park rangers do more than help people enjoy nature; they also teach others how to protect and respect the incredible wildlife that call this planet home.

Park Naturalist Park Naturalist

Park Naturalist

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A park naturalist works in parks, nature reserves, or other outdoor recreational areas to provide educational and interpretive programs to visitors.

3. Aquarist

For zoology majors who love aquatic life, a career as an aquarist is a perfect match. These professionals care for the fish and other animals living in aquariums. They feed the creatures, entertain them, monitor and clean their habitats, and more. Some also play an educational role, offering presentations to visitors about the special animals in their care.

Aquarist Aquarist


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An aquarist specializes in the care and maintenance of aquatic organisms in controlled environments, typically in aquariums or fish tanks.

4. Veterinary Assistant

In the US, several zoology programs offer specialized pre-vet training that prepares graduates for a veterinary career. Although some students in these programs continue studying after graduation, many choose to gain professional experience before entering veterinary school. An entry-level job, like veterinary assistant, is an excellent option to consider.

Veterinary Assistant Veterinary Assistant

Veterinary Assistant

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A veterinary assistant is a vital member of the veterinary healthcare team, providing support and assistance to veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

5. Veterinarian

If additional education isn't an issue, becoming a veterinarian can be an ideal career path. Veterinarians help animals of all kinds heal from injury, illness, and more. They conduct physical exams, provide emergency care, give immunizations, perform surgery, and offer advice to clients on how to care for their pets. This job requires clear communication, a scientific mind, and a true passion for animals—all of which zoology majors possess.

Veterinarian Veterinarian


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A veterinarian specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illnesses and injuries in animals.

6. Zoo Educator

If you enjoy interacting with people as much as you do with animals, a career in zoo education may be a perfect fit. Zoo educators teach visitors about the fascinating creatures at the zoo. They give educational presentations, answer questions, and provide information about the animals, the facility, and its conservation efforts.

Zoo Educator Zoo Educator

Zoo Educator

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A zoo educator develops and delivers educational programs and activities at zoos and aquariums to engage visitors and promote conservation education.

7. Wildlife Rehabilitator

For a more hands-on role, consider becoming a wildlife rehabilitators. When animals become injured, sick, or orphaned, these compassionate professionals help them recover and return to their home in the wild. They use their deep knowledge of animal behavior and habitat to seek the appropriate veterinary assistance, care for the creatures, and nurse them back to health.

Wildlife Rehabilitator Wildlife Rehabilitator

Wildlife Rehabilitator

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A wildlife rehabilitator works to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured, orphaned, or sick wild animals back into their natural habitats.

8. Marine Biologist

Marine biologists are specialized scientists who study saltwater plants and animals. They work with algae, whales, fish, plankton, and other species. Marine biology careers can vary widely, but most positions involve a mix of research and teaching. Tasks can include collecting and analyzing seawater samples, writing research reports, educating university students, and more.

Marine Biologist Marine Biologist

Marine Biologist

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A marine biologist specializes in the study of marine organisms, ecosystems, and environments.

9. Animal Trainer

From racehorses to family pets to professional service dogs, lots of animals need professional training. Animal trainers work with species of all kinds, helping them learn to respond to commands, perform certain behaviors, and avoid other ones. Zoology majors possess the knowledge and passion for animals needed to excel in this role.

Animal Trainer Animal Trainer

Animal Trainer

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An animal trainer specializes in training and working with animals for various purposes.

10. Sustainability Officer

Rather than working directly with animals, some zoology majors choose to focus on preserving animal habitats. Many become sustainability officers, working with companies to decrease the environmental impacts of their activities. Sustainability officers help employers assess their energy usage, waste production, and pollution outputs. The also suggest ways to make the company's systems and processes as environmentally friendly as possible.

Sustainability Officer Sustainability Officer

Sustainability Officer

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A sustainability officer is responsible for guiding an organization's efforts to become more environmentally, socially, and economically responsible.

11. Conservation Scientist

Another habitat protection job, conservation scientists work to research, improve, and sustain natural spaces. They work closely with governments and landowners to manage wildlife habitats in environmentally safe ways. This can include monitoring and assessing large areas of land, testing water quality, conserving minerals and other resources, and more. Analytical and action-focused, this career can be an ideal fit for an environmentally-minded zoology major.

Conservation Scientist Conservation Scientist

Conservation Scientist

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A conservation scientist studies the natural world and works to preserve and protect it.

12. Professor

Finally, zoology majors who absolutely love to learn may find their perfect career in academia. Zoology professors work at universities and colleges across the world. They conduct research, publish academic journal articles and books, teach undergraduate classes, supervise graduate students, and more.

Professor Professor


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A professor holds a high-ranking position within an educational institution, typically at the college or university level.