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Naturally quiet people, ISTP personalities are happiest when they are centred in action-oriented tasks that require detailed exploration and technical skill.

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Careers for ISTP Personalities

Are you a hands-on learner? Does rigid structure make you feel uninspired or unfulfilled?

Introversion, sensing, thinking, and perceiving are the four words that make up ISTP—one of the 16 psychological types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. ISTPs account for about five percent of the population. These natural "makers" love to explore with their hands and their eyes—taking on one project after another and learning as they go. They find nothing more rewarding than pulling things apart and putting them back together. No other personality type is quite as fascinated by how things work, how tools can be used, and how facts can be put together to create immediate and satisfying results.

In the workplace, ISTPs value a sense of unpredictability and excitement above all else. Strict rules, guidelines, and formal agreements make them feel cramped and bored. Born problem-solvers, ISTPs have an unwavering focus on practical solutions, and their curiosity and hands-on enthusiasm make people help fit into a wide variety of careers.

This article will be covering the following careers:

Career Avg Salary Satisfaction Your Match
Mechanical Engineer $97k 3.1/5
Systems Analyst $86k 3.1/5
Forensic Science Technician $67k 3.6/5
Auto Mechanic $48k 3.1/5
Graphic Designer $60k 3.4/5
Culinary Chef $57k 3.0/5
Carpenter $55k 3.1/5
Firefighter $55k 3.8/5
Forester $68k 3.5/5
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1. Mechanical Engineer

ISTPs are unique in their preference for both logic and flexibility, making a career in mechanical engineering an obvious fit. In this role, ISTPs will enjoy the puzzle of piecing together the various components of electric generators, internal combustion engines, and other complex machinery. But they will also take pleasure in the more creative aspects—the dreaming, designing, building, testing, and reinventing that make this profession so interesting.

Mechanical Engineer Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Engineer

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A mechanical engineer applies principles of physics, mathematics, and material science to design, analyze, and manufacture mechanical systems and devices.

2. Systems Analyst

ISTPs enjoy troubleshooting and often look for occupations that allow them to apply their skills to detect and solve cases. Computer systems analysts act like a digital investigator. They work with companies of all shapes and sizes, identifying issues within their technology systems and coming up with creative solutions that help them operate more efficiently and effectively. Practical, technical, and engaging, this is ideal work for an ISTP.

Systems Analyst Systems Analyst

Systems Analyst

Your Match?

A systems analyst is responsible for studying, analyzing, and designing information systems to meet the specific needs of an organization.

3. Forensic Science Technician

The ISTP is focused on the bottom line and accuracy, and thus usually chooses jobs that involve data, specifics, math, and science. A career as a forensic science technician provides all of these benefits, plus the variety and problem-solving that ISTPs so often crave. Forensic science technicians collect and analyze physical evidence used in crime investigations. The hours can be long, but the work is mentally taxing, highly technical, and—for the pragmatic ISTP—extremely rewarding.

Forensic Science Technician Forensic Science Technician

Forensic Science Technician

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A forensic science technician, also known as a crime scene investigator (CSI), plays a vital role in collecting, analyzing, and preserving physical evidence from crime scenes.

4. Auto Mechanic

ISTPs tend to study how things work and often achieve mastery in the use and operation of machines, instruments, and equipment. This makes them natural automotive service technicians. On the job, they'll enjoy the slow process of testing and replacing different car parts, examining dysfunctional components, and disassembling and reassembling systems. Auto mechanics often work in isolation, another reason why this career is so well-suited to the introverted ISTP.

Auto Mechanic Auto Mechanic

Auto Mechanic

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An auto mechanic specializes in diagnosing, repairing, and maintaining automobiles.

5. Graphic Designer

ISTPs enjoy mastering the tools of their trade: with traditional hammers and saws, or the more modern tools of business or technology. As graphic designers, they are bold and experimental—constantly trying out new techniques or combining traditional approaches in novel ways. Although ISTPs are introverts at heart, they are also enigmatic. Their creative, dynamic personalities make it easy for them to attract potential clients, making freelance graphic design a natural career path.

Graphic Designer Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

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A graphic designer creates visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers.

6. Culinary Chef

Culinary chefs are the hidden force behind any meal. Whether they're working in fine dining or a local hamburger joint, their days tend to be jam-packed and fast-paced. This high pressure environment can be difficult for some personality types to handle, but it's ideally suited to the hands-on approach of an ISTP. Although there is routine involved in this job, much of the day is spent putting out fires—figuratively, and, in some cases, literally. No matter what the crisis, ISTPs are sure to rise to the occasion in no time.

Culinary Chef Culinary Chef

Culinary Chef

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Culinary chefs specialize in the art of cooking and food preparation.

7. Carpenter

ISTPs prefer tasks with a tangible result, and typically feel most satisfied when they have built something concrete. They also love working with their hands, making a career in carpentry an ideal fit. As carpenters, curious ISTPs can spend hours on end just playing with their tools. They find this profession especially immersive when working on tasks that involve a design aspect—such as crafting a new cabinet or developing a novel system for transporting lumber.

Carpenter Carpenter


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A carpenter specializes in working with wood to construct, install, and repair structures and objects.

8. Firefighter

Many ISTPs enjoy occupations that involve physical activity, often with an aspect of risk or danger, and dislike being stuck at a desk. They are practical, but also need action and variety to make their work meaningful. This makes a career in crisis response an appealing option. ISTPs thrive as firefighters, using the adrenaline of the job to fuel their efforts.

Firefighter Firefighter


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A firefighter is responsible for responding to emergency situations involving fires, hazardous materials, medical emergencies, and other disasters.

9. Forester

Being a forester is a sought-after line of work for many ISTPs, as they have a results-oriented focus and a natural skill with troubleshooting. This is a job that frequently takes place in remote outdoor settings, often in challenging locations or turbulent weather conditions. While other personality types might find this line of work intimidating, resourceful ISTPs are in their element in the woods.

Forester Forester


Your Match?

A forester possesses a deep understanding of forests and their ecosystems.