Dermatologist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Dermatologist salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Alaska $244,220
Alabama $163,790
Arkansas $127,190
Arizona $229,090
California $204,190
Colorado $219,310
Connecticut $221,870
District of Columbia $167,090
Delaware $216,600
Florida $197,710
Georgia $235,060
Guam $221,130
Hawaii $228,470
Iowa $219,300
Idaho $241,670
Illinois $160,050
Indiana $237,470
Kansas $186,790
Kentucky $223,770
Louisiana $164,470
Massachusetts $207,990
Maryland $182,970
Maine $257,550
Michigan $173,480
Minnesota $245,040
Missouri $198,920
Mississippi $143,010
Montana $247,260
North Carolina $196,670
North Dakota $266,510
Nebraska $114,250
New Hampshire $275,840
New Jersey $208,820
New Mexico $229,100
Nevada $227,500
New York $139,710
Ohio $212,160
Oklahoma $114,570
Oregon $199,960
Pennsylvania $187,440
Puerto Rico $109,490
Rhode Island $197,950
South Carolina $170,280
South Dakota $227,710
Tennessee $231,960
Texas $195,630
Utah $218,210
Virginia $201,770
Virgin Islands $106,860
Vermont $151,020
Washington $239,080
Wisconsin $239,610
West Virginia $222,270
Wyoming $234,610

How much does a Dermatologist earn?

In Medscape's 2014 Compensation Report, dermatologists fall slightly toward the top (eighth out of twenty-five) among all physicians, with average earnings of $308,000. Orthopedists are the earning leaders, followed by cardiologists.

The highest dermatologist earners live in the Southwest and Northwest regions ($385,000 and $341,000, respectively). The lowest earners are in the South Central ($238,000) and Mid-Atlantic ($273,000) regions.

The dermatologist's salary grows depending on factors such as years in practice, skills, number of hours worked, location and professional reputation. According to Medscape, dermatologists who work for office-based multi-specialty groups are the highest earners, at $361,000, followed by those in healthcare organizations, at $336,000. Those in hospital positions make the least ($169,000), while dermatologists in outpatient clinics follow next in line at $211,000. Office-based solo practitioners make $306,000 on average and are in the middle in terms of earnings.

Do Male or Female Dermatologists Earn More?

According to the Medscape survey, male dermatologists, at $329,000, make considerably more than female dermatologists, at $272,000. This is consistent with previous years and responses from all physicians, where men are still the higher earners. "As increasing numbers of doctors start working regular set hours for large health systems, there's little variance in income based on sex," notes Judy Aburmishan, partner in FGMK, LLC, a Chicago firm that represents physicians and other providers.

How do dermatologist salaries compare to similar careers?

Dermatologists earn 6% less than similar careers in the United States. On average, they make less than oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Career Median Salary
Oral and maxillofacial surgeon salary $242K
Gynecologist salary $238K
Orthodontist salary $226K
Psychiatrist salary $220K
Family practitioner salary $201K
Hospitalist salary $201K
Immunologist salary $201K
Radiologist salary $201K
Sports medicine physician salary $201K
Dermatologist salary $201K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)