Is becoming an energy broker right for me?

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How to become an Energy Broker

The main requirement to begin a career as an energy consultant is a strong background in either sales or marketing. The degree of experience and education in these two specialties determines whether those interested in the energy brokerage business reach the commercial level or specialize in the residential level.

For brokering residential utility contracts, brokerage companies may not require an energy broker to have a college degree; the main job requirement would be to have a strong background in salesmanship and self-determination. A growing number of jobs in energy brokerage firms, however, require a bachelor's degree in marketing or entrepreneurship in order to start a career. Large energy brokerage firms often require that applicants earn an advanced business degree in addition to earning several years of experience in the energy sector as a whole.

Industrial-scale energy consultants operate on the international energy market. In other words, these brokers operate at the wholesale level after achieving seniority within a brokerage firm. As expected, the job duties of an energy consultant of this scale are much more demanding.