There are currently an estimated 47,800 lodging managers in the United States. The lodging manager job market is expected to grow by 4.0% between 2016 and 2026.

How employable are lodging managers?

CareerExplorer rates lodging managers with a D employability rating, meaning this career should provide weak employment opportunities for the foreseeable future. Over the next 10 years, it is expected the US will need 8,400 lodging managers. That number is based on 1,900 additional lodging managers, and the retirement of 6,500 existing lodging managers.

Are lodging managers in demand?

The demand and employment outlook for lodging managers will continue to be impacted by changing consumer trends in the hospitality industry. While travel and tourism is expected to expand, the hotel sector is increasingly moving toward more limited-service properties. These properties offer fewer amenities and features, typically necessitating a reduced number of managers. Furthermore, hotel operators are streamlining their businesses and scaling back on management positions to slash costs, resulting in expanded responsibilities for the managers they retain. In addition, more privately owned establishments are being purchased by large chains that sometimes assign the management of multiple properties in the same geographical area to a single manager. Job seekers knowledgeable in the convention services sector of the field will definitely enhance their employability, especially with large, high-end, casino, convention, resort, and luxury hotels. This is because convention service managers are the hotel industry’s primary liaison with the event planning business, which is experiencing significant growth. Without exception, jobs with hotels offering the highest levels of guest services will be pursued intensely by many qualified candidates. Some openings continue to occur as the long hours and stress often associated with the occupation lead experienced managers to leave their positions. The international aspect of the lodging manager career allows these professionals to consider working abroad, particularly in emerging markets seeking highly trained and English-speaking personnel to open and operate their businesses. These kinds of opportunities become available mostly with well-established and upscale international chains. Advancement opportunities in this career vary. Managers of small hotels or motels may move to larger operations, while those with chain hotels may be promoted to regional roles or to positions at corporate headquarters. In many cases, managers seeking promotions may have to relocate to a different city or region.

What’s the supply of lodging managers?

The lodging manager industry is concentrated in California, Florida, Texas

Lodging Manager job market by state

State Name Employed Lodging Managers
California 4,620
Florida 3,750
Texas 3,070
Illinois 1,480
Tennessee 1,260
Pennsylvania 1,240
Ohio 1,080
Arizona 980
Washington 940
Colorado 830
Michigan 810
Georgia 810
Massachusetts 730
Missouri 690
Oklahoma 680
North Carolina 630
Nevada 630
Mississippi 600
Oregon 580
Maine 540
Minnesota 530
Alabama 530
New York 530
Maryland 520
Hawaii 490
Wisconsin 490
Arkansas 490
Iowa 490
New Jersey 470
South Carolina 460
Utah 460
Indiana 440
Louisiana 340
North Dakota 340
Wyoming 320
New Mexico 280
Kentucky 280
Kansas 250
South Dakota 240
New Hampshire 220
Montana 210
Vermont 210
Idaho 200
Alaska 180
West Virginia 170
Puerto Rico 140
District of Columbia 130
Connecticut 120
Nebraska 110
Delaware 80
Rhode Island 70
Guam 40