Plumber earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Plumber salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Illinois $79,400
Hawaii $73,810
New Jersey $71,370
Alaska $74,570
Minnesota $73,330
New York $67,120
Oregon $73,120
Massachusetts $64,300
District of Columbia $68,640
Wisconsin $67,830
Washington $62,980
Indiana $57,622
Connecticut $61,060
Missouri $62,350
Pennsylvania $55,622
Delaware $60,030
Michigan $67,050
California $56,270
Montana $59,850
Maryland $57,180
West Virginia $57,970
New Hampshire $55,180
Iowa $52,060
Ohio $55,330
Kentucky $51,150
Nevada $50,200
Nebraska $54,810
Louisiana $54,440
Kansas $49,316
North Dakota $54,410
Wyoming $51,510
Colorado $51,890
Utah $52,990
Vermont $52,050
Maine $51,090
Oklahoma $48,680
Virginia $49,960
Texas $49,280
Virgin Islands $47,200
Tennessee $47,170
Georgia $46,650
Idaho $43,693
North Carolina $43,750
New Mexico $42,870
Mississippi $45,340
South Carolina $44,310
Arizona $42,403
Florida $42,130
South Dakota $41,980
Arkansas $41,340
Alabama $39,838
Guam $34,470
Puerto Rico $19,440

How much does a Plumber earn?

How much one can earn working as a plumber depends on many factors. Variables that determine pay include plumbing school education, place of employment, one's level (apprentice, journeyman, or master plumber), years of experience, type of work, and the kind of employer one works for.

Apprentice plumbers who are just starting out could make 30% - 50% less than a fully trained plumber. As an apprentice, one shouldn’t be too focused on salary. The employer is paying a salary and investing a lot of time and money in the training. The goal is simply to get a plumbing education, master the skills of the trade, and advance to the point of journeyman and getting a plumbing license. There will be a lot more flexibility in work as well as increased pay once that is achieved.

Once the level of journeyman has been achieved (and with a few years of experience), one should be earning the average plumber salary for their area. The BLS reports that the national average plumber's salary is approximately $50,000.

Those that have the most autonomy in their work are master plumbers, and compared to an apprentice and a journeyman, have the highest earning potential. Some master plumbers will earn well in excess of $100,000.

How do plumber salaries compare to similar careers?

Plumbers earn about the same as related careers in Massachusetts. On average, they make less than electricians but more than plasterers.

Career Median Salary
Electrician salary $68K
Ironworker salary $82K
Naval architect salary $64K
Crane operator salary $60K
Brickmason salary $61K
Pipefitter salary $64K
Plumber salary $64K
Pipelayer salary $60K
Building and construction inspector salary $67K
Plasterer salary $70K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)