Is becoming a restaurant manager right for me?

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How to become a Restaurant Manager

One can slowly gain experience in the restaurant industry by starting from the bottom and gradually working their way up, until they eventually become a restaurant manager. Some people attend restaurant manager-trainee programs, work diligently and advance until being promoted to manager.

However, the most reliable way to achieve this position is by getting formally trained in hospitality and restaurant management, and being hired strictly for that position. Schooling helps in making smart business decisions. It develops the skills essential for managing employees, creating financial plans and thinking strategically about the restaurant business. Though some employers place a higher value on education than others, possessing a degree or certificate will undoubtedly open more doors for a restaurant management career.

Programs for those willing to be educated in hospitality and restaurant management come in many different shapes and sizes. It is essential to choose a program that not only fits your schedule and budget but will help you achieve your career goals.

It often takes two years to get an associate's degree that will provide you with all the training and skills you need for an entry-level restaurant management job. But to have an advantage in a competitive job market, it is strongly advisable to obtain a bachelor's degree that will considerably expand your knowledge.

You may also decide to continue and get a masters degree in hospitality and restaurant management if you seek high level positions.