Sales manager earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Sales manager salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Wyoming $99,870
Louisiana $99,510
Nebraska $99,510
Nevada $99,510
Kentucky $99,280
West Virginia $94,690
New Mexico $93,300
Idaho $92,200
Alaska $77,890
Mississippi $76,820
Puerto Rico $76,420
Guam $58,760
Virgin Islands, U.S. $49,190
New York $190,290
Delaware $168,490
New Jersey $164,210
Colorado $163,360
Virginia $157,200
Washington $154,590
New Hampshire $150,890
Rhode Island $150,890
Massachusetts $132,020
District of Columbia $129,770
Illinois $128,520
Maryland $128,190
California $128,000
Kansas $127,690
Ohio $127,240
Pennsylvania $127,210
Georgia $127,100
Minnesota $126,630
Missouri $126,240
Connecticut $126,230
Michigan $126,230
Wisconsin $126,230
South Dakota $125,770
Texas $125,770
Arkansas $123,400
North Carolina $121,270
North Dakota $119,680
South Carolina $119,680
Montana $119,400
Tennessee $118,980
Oregon $108,650
Arizona $104,940
Utah $104,520
Florida $104,080
Iowa $103,990
Hawaii $103,030
Alabama $102,570
Indiana $102,040
Vermont $101,200
Oklahoma $101,020
Maine $100,540

How much does a Sales Manager earn?

Sales managers plan and direct the distribution of products and services to customers, and may also set out goals and training programs for sales representatives. Sales managers are not actually involved in selling products to consumers themselves, and are typically paid a salary rather than a commission based on sales or profits.

The field’s most highly compensated sales managers typically work for companies that specialize in securities and commodity exchanges and brokerages, financial services firms, and insurance companies. Skills that come with a high sales manager salary are sales engineering, strategic sales, contract negotiation, technical sales, and negotiation.

How do sales manager salaries compare to similar careers?

Sales managers earn about the same as related careers in the United States. On average, they make less than financial managers but more than compliance managers.

Career Median Salary
Financial manager salary $132K
Bank manager salary $132K
Marketing manager salary $135K
Advertising manager salary $127K
Green product marketer salary $127K
Sales manager salary $127K
Compensation and benefits manager salary $128K
Human resources manager salary $126K
Purchasing manager salary $127K
Compliance manager salary $125K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)