Marketing manager earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Marketing manager salary by state

State Name Average Salary
New York $172,230
New Jersey $160,420
Virginia $163,470
Colorado $161,870
California $156,450
District of Columbia $151,370
Delaware $150,440
Rhode Island $147,940
Washington $147,520
Arkansas $146,610
Connecticut $136,580
Maryland $136,730
Texas $135,470
South Dakota $129,060
North Carolina $133,190
Georgia $133,530
Massachusetts $132,210
Kansas $125,570
Nevada $115,240
New Hampshire $128,660
Pennsylvania $110,176
Minnesota $130,990
Michigan $127,830
Ohio $122,240
Missouri $121,990
Montana $116,890
Wisconsin $115,170
Vermont $109,180
Florida $103,710
Tennessee $103,730
Oklahoma $101,530
Arizona $103,330
Kentucky $95,590
Oregon $109,990
Utah $102,060
Hawaii $100,840
North Dakota $102,460
South Carolina $103,160
Iowa $98,190
Indiana $96,760
Idaho $86,230
Alaska $93,160
Nebraska $86,300
New Mexico $90,620
Wyoming $92,200
Maine $91,460
Louisiana $86,860
West Virginia $85,830
Mississippi $80,370
Puerto Rico $73,720
Illinois $70,419
Virgin Islands $60,520
Guam $55,440

How much does a Marketing Manager earn?

As in most careers, advanced degrees and on-the-job experience can mean higher earnings. Marketing managers typically have a few years of experience in advertising, sales, public relations or a related field before advancing to a management role.

Marketing managers' salaries tend to be above $100,000 a year and marketing managers' bonuses are typically 10% or less of their base salary (differences in salary and bonus appear to be more related to the employer than to a person's title). Top cities for marketing management jobs are available in New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta.

There are various companies that marketing managers can work for. Salary depends on what products or clients you're responsible for, and what your duties are. In order of highest paying are computer system design firms, technical and scientifically oriented firms, engineering firms, architectural firms, and depository credit intermediation firms.

How do marketing manager salaries compare to similar careers?

Marketing managers earn about the same as related careers in the United States. On average, they make less than COOs but more than chief executives.

Career Median Salary
COO salary $79K
Product manager salary $85K
Purchasing manager salary $85K
Bank branch manager salary $82K
Industrial production manager salary $78K
Marketing manager salary $81K
Fundraising manager salary $77K
Human resources manager salary $78K
IT manager salary $64K
Chief executive salary $77K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)