Massage therapist earnings by seniority

Approximate values based on highest and lowest earning segments.

Massage therapist salary by state

State Name Average Salary
Alaska $93,410
Hawaii $62,401
Oregon $62,780
Washington $63,710
Illinois $46,340
Kentucky $49,459
Massachusetts $49,220
Colorado $45,759
Minnesota $48,700
New York $48,340
Indiana $45,662
Utah $40,880
Idaho $45,782
Texas $42,740
New Hampshire $41,550
Montana $44,970
Florida $38,030
Pennsylvania $39,386
Arkansas $39,671
Nebraska $39,770
New Jersey $42,500
Vermont $36,560
Tennessee $44,280
Iowa $37,023
Maine $39,440
Connecticut $38,330
Wyoming $38,920
Michigan $40,260
Wisconsin $42,400
Maryland $37,460
New Mexico $39,580
Arizona $38,199
Oklahoma $39,870
North Carolina $39,590
South Carolina $40,980
Rhode Island $37,350
District of Columbia $32,770
Alabama $34,690
North Dakota $37,960
Ohio $36,670
Virginia $39,350
Georgia $37,990
Missouri $36,570
California $33,892
Kansas $31,968
West Virginia $32,620
South Dakota $30,810
Louisiana $19,430
Nevada $21,190
Mississippi $32,010
Puerto Rico $20,250
Guam $20,620

How much does a Massage Therapist earn?

The demand for skilled massage therapists has grown as more health care practitioners view massage as an important part of overall patient wellness. According to the BLS, employment for massage therapists is predicted to grow by 22 percent through the year 2024.

An individual's earning potential as a massage therapist will depend on their workplace and their ability to build a large client base. Building a client base comes with practice and experience. Also, specializing in a certain type of massage can give one an edge over other massage therapists and bring in a higher salary.

There are many workplaces one can consider working for when first starting out, such as hotels, airports, corporate environments, personal care services, and offices of other health practitioners. Many companies will hire massage therapists to visit their offices regularly in order to provide chair massages to stressed-out employees. However, the number one career path for a massage therapist is to be self-employed as an independent contractor and work out of a private or shared office. Salaries can increase to well over $100,000/yr for those who own and operate a successful massage therapy clinic.

Location is particularly important, as the larger the city one lives and works in, the higher the salaries and wages are likely to be. It's also good to keep overhead expenses in mind. If one is self-employed, factor these expenses in: space rental, massage supplies, advertising/marketing materials, association dues and fees, liability insurance, and laundry.

How do massage therapist salaries compare to similar careers?

Massage therapists earn 13% less than similar careers in the United States. On average, they make less than chiropractors but more than kinesiologists.

Career Median Salary
Chiropractor salary $71K
Midwife salary $55K
Recreational therapist salary $48K
Art therapist salary $48K
Music therapist salary $48K
Massage therapist salary $41K
Kinesiologist salary $31K

Source: CareerExplorer (Aggregated)