The Scholar Archetype

Primary trait: investigative, secondary trait: conventional

Scholars are intellectuals that pay attention to fine details. They spend a lot of time in their mind investigating and exploring new ideas. They usually like to pair their findings with data that can back it up. Scholars are very orderly in their thought processes. They usually prefer structure in their ideas and thoughts over ambiguity.

Scholar holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Scholars are precise and detail-oriented, which makes them very good at completing tasks independently, rarely relying on guidance from others to see something through to completion. Scholars are well-suited to technical projects, as they are analytical and scientific. They are disciplined in their work and prefer environments that are well-ordered and encourage accuracy. Scholars usually like getting wrapped up in a project and they enjoy a challenge.

Things they can watch out for

Because Scholars typically prefer independent work where they can think abstractly or perform complex calculations, they can struggle when it comes to working within a team. They tend to be quite confident in their abilities and will sometimes ignore others' ideas and opt for their own. They like to feel like an authority and like having a structured plan that they can follow at their own pace, but they tend to shy away from a leadership role themselves.