The Architect Archetype

Primary trait: investigative, secondary trait: realistic

Architects are analytical thinkers who like to work in the physical world. Their diverse nature translates in their ability to think intellectually and apply what they know with physical work, like working with their hands. They are curious about the physical world and how it works. They enjoy intellectual challenges that are unconventional, and love solving complex problems.

Architect holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

The Architect is curious, intellectual, and a natural problem solver. They are also practical, hands-on, and typically enjoy working outdoors. They are inherently good at thinking through problems and finding practical solutions, so they tend to thrive when they can work independently and think through problems at their own pace. They get particularly excited when their work can be translated into the physical, tangible world.

Things they can watch out for

Because Architects like to work alone and figure out complex problems, they do not feel as well equipped to deal with leading a group of people. They would rather get on the ground floor and work than set up a high-level plan for others. Architects have a harder time working in more social situations that call for regular tactfulness, relationship building, and interpersonal interaction.