The Strategist Archetype

Primary trait: conventional, secondary trait: enterprising

Strategists keep the show running by pursuing organizational goals. They appreciate rules and regulations that keep things running smoothly, and like working with data in their day-to-day. Strategists are calculated in their approach, but have a leading spirit that lets them take risks after they've weighed the pros and cons of a decision.

Strategist holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Strategists are goal-oriented, success-driven, and ambitious. They like working on something until they feel they have reached near perfection. They can be very determined and aggressive about getting projects started. Once they do, they keep track of all the details and work systematically. Strategists tend to be good at managing and operating businesses, and are generally comfortable in leadership roles.

Things they can watch out for

Because Strategists are very success-oriented, they like seeing goals and progress laid out in front of them. They can struggle with work that is abstract and without clear parameters. While they like initiating projects, they don’t see themselves as very creative and can struggle if they must come up with new, inventive ideas. Strategists like working as part of a team or leading that team, which can sometimes hurt them if they must work completely independently.