The Captain Archetype

Primary trait: enterprising, secondary trait: realistic

Captains enjoy deal-making and directing. They are good at talking to people and use this skill to persuade others. They are also naturally competitive and love a challenge. Captains are active in their approach to solving problems, whether it’s physical or using their persuasive tendencies to gain greater status. They are directors and take pride in getting things done.

Captain holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Captains are natural leaders and enjoy influencing others, carrying out projects, and achieving set goals. They like working with their hands, solving tangible problems, and completing tasks that add value to the physical world. They are typically good at finding systematic and mechanical approaches to finishing projects and feel comfortable taking risks. Captains tend to have lots of energy and are able to put a lot of effort into the task at hand.

Things they can watch out for

Captains like to take action, and as a result sometimes neglect intellectual or artistic things that appear to give them no tangible results. They are strong leaders when they can rally people for a specific purpose, but are often very practical and straightforward, which can leave a harsh or rude impression on other people if they are not careful to consider other people's feelings.