The Caregiver Archetype

Primary trait: , secondary trait: artistic

Empathetic and sensitive, caregivers are natural generators of positive energy. They thrive in social settings, especially when cultivating creativity. Expression and originality are important to the Caregiver—they are fascinated with the designs of life and love to share their findings with other people.

Caregiver holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Caregivers are helpful, understanding, and sensitive people. They like to be creative and prefer unstructured environments where they can express themselves and be social. They have a natural desire to help others and are very good at anticipating and meeting people's needs. They like to do things that improve the lives of other people, and often their primary concern when it comes to making decisions is how other people will be affected.

Things they can watch out for

Caregivers' preference for social interaction and their tendency to rely on their feelings to guide them through problems can sometimes impede their ability to think through problems objectively, as they tend to see things more emotionally than rationally. Caregivers are not naturally methodical people and can struggle with projects that demand them to be conscientious and precise in their approach.