The Innovator Archetype

Primary trait: realistic, secondary trait: investigative

Innovators are best at using mindful action in their work. They like to work with a hands-on approach prefaced by deep thought. They have strong cognitive and dexterous capacities that allow them to solve practical problems. Innovators tend to analyze situations before making major decisions on execution. They are independent thinkers that are both curious and insightful. When Innovators put their minds to solving a problem or building something, nothing will stop them.

Innovator holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Innovators are practical and hands-on with a knack for independent work where they can take time to think methodically through their processes. They are good at planning projects in a precise, detailed way and coming up with effective solutions to problems. They often like tasks and activities that are physical. Innovators are naturally inquisitive and quite persistent, and can be relied upon to complete their work in an inventive way.

Things they can watch out for

Innovators' natural inclination for hands-on problem solving and their appreciation for introspective thinking can sometimes mean they get uncomfortable in situations that call for them to be team leaders. Most of their energy goes into tasks that are concrete and tangible—they don't like to approach problems that don't have definite solutions. Innovators are very rational, and are well balanced by someone who is more emotional than them.