The Supporter Archetype

Primary trait: realistic, secondary trait:

Supporters are practical, self-reliant people that have a caring and nurturing nature. They value working with things they can see and touch and like physical challenges. When faced with a problem, they like to come up with action-oriented solutions. Supporters are unique in their ability to relate to people while working in very physical environments that typically require little interpersonal interactions.

Supporter holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Supporters are naturally reserved, but their social side wants to be around other people, offer support, and work within a team. They do well in settings where a group of people are building or creating something under a common goal. Their affinity for genuine interactions with others and no-nonsense attitude about seeing things through usually mean that Supporters have the ability to remain calm and level-headed in situations of tension or conflict.

Things they can watch out for

Supporters must deal with a clash between their two strongest yet conflicting traits and compromise to balance out their personality's needs. Their realistic side tends toward ambitious, independent projects where they can govern themselves, while their social side wants to work within a group. They typically shy away from roles of leadership, preferring work within small groups where everyone is heard and on similar ground.