The Builder Archetype

Primary trait: realistic, secondary trait: conventional

Builders love active jobs and have a knack for paying attention to detail. They prefer outdoor, mechanical and physical activities. They use precision while working, and like to do so independently. They thrive in structured environments where they are able to get a little physical. With their knack for particulars, they are very good at working with complex materials.

Builder holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Builders are logical, detail-oriented, organized and often have a strong preference for physical and tactile activities. They are practical people and typically have a strong work ethic, a curiosity for the physical world, and a sense of independence. These more technical tendencies mean that Builders are particularly good at solving practical problems or closely following detailed instructions.

Things they can watch out for

Builders’ preference for the real, tactile world and their preference for methodical or technical approaches to solving problems can sometimes restrict their ability to approach solutions more holistically. Their practical thinking makes it tougher for Builders to rely on feelings or imagination for inspiration. Their preference for working alone can sometimes hurt Builders when it comes to teamwork.