The Luminary Archetype

Primary trait: artistic, secondary trait:

Luminaries thrive when they are working with ideas and people. They like expressing their creativity to others. Being part of meaningful relationships where they can express their emotions and sensitivities is very important to the Luminary. They greatly value helping people through their creative outlets.

Luminary holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Luminaries are creative, impulsive, and sensitive. They naturally cooperate with others and like to build meaningful relationships. They often prefer tasks that allow them to be inventive without a rigorous structure. Luminaries tend to be very sensitive in their nature, with a deep capacity for empathy and a strong need for self-expression. They typically love things like drama, art, and music where they are able to express themselves and put their own spin on things.

Things they can watch out for

Because Luminaries are empathetic, they tend to pick up on people's moods, which can in turn affect their own. Luminaries are not naturally methodical people, and can often struggle with tasks or careers that require precise approaches to determining solutions. When they are teamed up with someone more structured, it can be very beneficial as those types can often help ground the Luminary.