The Composer Archetype

Primary trait: artistic, secondary trait: conventional

Composers love expressing their creativity, though they prefer working in organized environments. Their artistic side craves freedom and expression. At the same time, they often rein in their creative tendencies with systems that keep their originality within certain boundaries.

Composer holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Composers are creative and impulsive, but they also have a tendency to be very organized, conservative, and precise. They are not afraid to work within a system or do some repetitive activities like keeping records if it benefits their creative pursuits. The opposing forces in their personality tend to balance them out and makes them fairly productive and effective when it comes to seeing their ideas through.

Things they can watch out for

Composers must deal with a constant clash between two strong and highly conflicting traits. Their artistic side likes following the beat of their own drum and coming up with new, creative ways of doing things, while their conventional side tends to be very orderly and likes following a set of rules. However, this disparity within their personality means that Composers can fit into many types of roles.