The Technician Archetype

Primary trait: conventional, secondary trait: realistic

Technicians are very detail-oriented people with a knack for body-oriented tasks. They prefer structure and order over ambiguity. They are very practical in their work and like a clear set of guidelines when setting out to complete tasks. Technicians feel their best when they produce tangible results that meet their high standards.

Technician holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Technicians are methodical, practical, and organized, and like physical and tactile activities. Technicians are pragmatic people with an appreciation for goal-oriented projects where they can keep track of their progress. A Technician’s work tends to be very well-organized and consistent, as they don’t mind repetitive tasks when it is part of a big project. They prefer to have a routine and they like to follow clearly defined rules and keep track of the details.

Things they can watch out for

While Technicians' preference for methodical approaches and real-world projects gives them a very strong work ethic, they can sometimes have trouble when it comes to approaching solutions more holistically. It can be hard for Technicians to rely on their instincts or intuition since they are so action-oriented. People who see the big picture can help Technician see a task or project as a whole rather than as a series of parts.