The Philosopher Archetype

Primary trait: artistic, secondary trait: investigative

Philosophers love being creative with their ideas. They have active imaginations and love exploring anomalies and sometimes scientific curiosities in the physical world. Philosophers like unstructured situations that provide them with room to get creative in their work. They like to interpret the world around them and thrive when they are able to express their findings.

Philosopher holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Philosophers are strong rational and emotional thinkers that are able to take a holistic look at life and its problems. They typically take time to think through things before they speak. They are naturally strong at working through real-world problems, even though their thinking can sometimes be overly idealistic. Their capacity for deep thought and their appreciation for the arts means Philosophers are often natural critics.

Things they can watch out for

Philosophers prefer introspective work where they can be independent and expressive, which can mean that in this autonomous state they sometimes discount the need to collaborate with others. They tend to be quite confident in their intellectual and creative abilities, often overlooking existing solutions in blind preference for their own perspective. This can mean that they don’t function well within teams.