The Designer Archetype

Primary trait: artistic, secondary trait: realistic

Designers have a great need for self-expression and love doing work that articulates their vision. They like being original with anything they put their minds (or hands) to. Whatever their art form, they like to produce tangible results. They like to work with artistic mediums that play on their physicality. The Designer prefers to be body-oriented in their creative expression.

Designer holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Designers are inquisitive, thoughtful, and analytical, although they also have an artistic side that makes them expressive, idealistic, and at times, impulsive. This complex combination makes Designers very creative thinkers who can find a way to make their lofty or unique ideas come to life. They do well in situations where they can work independently on complicated projects that allow them to have freedom in their approach.

Things they can watch out for

Designers tend to have a very introspective and intuitive way of thinking while they work, which can sometimes hurt them when they are working with more conservative or traditional types of people that tend to see practicality and functionality over vision. Designers sometimes have trouble selling their work to others as they tend to be introverted and can get uncomfortable if they must speak confidently or deal with conflict.