The Visionary Archetype

Primary trait: artistic, secondary trait: enterprising

Visionaries are all about creating their own artistic empires. They crave independent and unstructured spaces where they can be creative. They value aesthetics and environments that offer variety and change. They can also be very assertive when it comes to expressing their points of view. Visionaries are risk-takers and find excitement in developing new ideas.

Visionary holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Visionaries are innovative, expressive, and open-minded. They are also being energetic and adventurous. They enjoy having alone time to work on their craft, but they are also comfortable in front of a crowd expressing their ideas or performing something artistic. Visionaries are natural entertainers. They are bold and self-confident in a way that people admire.

Things they can watch out for

Visionaries tend to be very much in the mind. Sometimes this hurts the Visionary when it comes to things like working with their hands or being physically active. They can lose motivation to work when it comes to following a structured set of rules. They could do well to work with more practical and methodical people as their disciplined and detail-oriented approach can help take Visionaries' work to the next level.