The Anchor Archetype

Primary trait: conventional, secondary trait:

Anchors have an affinity for detail-oriented tasks that provide a lot of structure. Despite this typically antisocial activity, the Anchor is nurturing and caring. They enjoy being around other people where they can help or teach. Anchors are efficient and methodical. They prefer work that is structured and they dislike ambiguity.

Anchor holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

The Anchor tends to be orderly, thorough, and detail-oriented while also having a social side that likes helping others, teaching, being part of a team. While the conventional function of their archetype usually means the Anchor likes working solo, their social side likes being connected to people. They are very organized in their approach which means they can be very effective instructors. Anchors gravitate toward tasks where they can be of value to someone in need. This combination makes the Anchor excellent team leaders where there is a set protocol to follow.

Things they can watch out for

Because the Anchor’s main concern typically revolves around making others’ experiences more enjoyable, keeping accurate records, and being responsible for details, they tend to dislike work where they have to study, research, or develop new ways of doing things. It is typically within the Anchor’s nature to ensure that everything is running smoothly, on time, and to the highest of quality, which can mean that they don’t concern themselves with tasks that are unsystematic or exploratory. Anchors would work well with more enterprising types like The Kingpin or Strategist as they can come up with the preliminary tasks that the Anchor can refine.