The Mastermind Archetype

Primary trait: enterprising, secondary trait: investigative

Masterminds are diverse in their ability to take on the role of a leader but also like to be alone with their thoughts. They are intellectuals that like working with ideas, but their entrepreneurial nature allows them to persuade people to jump onboard and work with them. They are assertive, confident, and enjoy discussing problems in depth to find practical solutions.

Mastermind holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Masterminds are entrepreneurial, extroverted, and assertive. They are also introspective and logical. Their natural curiosity for the world and passion for launching projects usually makes Masterminds very ambitious. Masterminds take the time to think through their projects in depth and feel more comfortable than most people partaking in risky ventures with a big payoff.

Things they can watch out for

Masterminds tend to be conflicted when it comes to their behavior. While they are usually quite extraverted, they are also very independent thinkers who like to take time to think mathematically or scientifically through subjects to gain a deeper understanding. They may not feel particularly well suited to physical projects, but their complex personalities make them generally flexible and adaptable.