The Kingpin Archetype

Primary trait: enterprising, secondary trait: conventional

Kingpins are leaders who prefer an organized structure for running the show. Success is important to the Kingpin and they feel at home when they are managing a business or team of people. Though some Kingpins like taking risks in their endeavors, many like to stay calculated and structured in the way they approach their big ideas. This makes them excellent at maintaining a steady and successful workload.

Kingpin holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Kingpins are self-confident, assertive, and ambitious. Their ideas are usually carefully planned and they excel at initiating projects and organizing groups. Organizational skills are important to the Kingpin and they tend to value success in business. They orient their personal and professional decisions toward high accomplishments, which makes them ideal for roles of management. They can be energetic and sociable, but when there is work to do, they often prefer to work.

Things they can watch out for

While Kingpins tend to see themselves as very orderly and ambitious, they don’t see themselves as being very mathematical or scientific. They can find it challenging to think through every possible outcome of a project. Kingpins are usually best suited working as part of a team or as guide for a group of people, so it can sometimes hurt them if they have to work independently for an extended period of time as they thrive in the company of others.