The Researcher Archetype

Primary trait: conventional, secondary trait: investigative

Researchers are curious people with a knack for organization. They love gathering information and making sense of it—accuracy is very important to them. They also prefer working with ideas and data rather than people, and find rules and regulations important when they begin their work.

Researcher holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Researchers are methodical, persistent, and dependable. They are also often analytical and avid readers. Aptly named for their curious tendencies, Researchers typically enjoy taking time to think through abstract problems, perform thought experiments, and conduct research. They are organized and are good at working independently. When something interests them, they like to learn about it in depth and are not content to merely scratch the surface.

Things they can watch out for

Researchers' self sufficiency and their natural desire to spend time alone with their thoughts can sometimes hurt them when it comes to working with others. This is especially true when the social settings have anything to do with free, unsystematic, or exploratory behavior, as Researchers are more reserved and like tried-and-tested ways of doing things. They are interested in the world around them, but don't typically enjoy physical work.