The Explorer Archetype

Primary trait: investigative, secondary trait:

Explorers are naturally inquisitive people with a social side. They spend a lot of time in their minds investigating ideas. They tend to be observant and analytical. Though they are very mind-oriented people, they also enjoy team work when the time is right. Explorers spend time creating insights and new ways of expressing ideas, and love to share their findings with others.

Explorer holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Explorers are intellectual, methodical, and supportive. They are naturally curious and often dive deeply into whatever their interest is at the time, understanding complicated concepts with relative ease. They are able to communicate well and like explaining things to people, especially one on one. Explorers are patient and understanding, and typically seek out opportunities to help others.

Things they can watch out for

Explorers often dislike repetitive activities or tasks that are highly structured and tend to favor tasks without preexisting solutions or outcomes. Their propensity for making sense of abstractions can mean they do not feel as confident when they're front and center in a leadership role, though they are typically very good at organizing and communicating with others.