The Inventor Archetype

Primary trait: realistic, secondary trait: enterprising

Inventors are skilled physical workers and have the ability to take the role as a natural leader. They enjoy fixing, building, and repairing things. Even with their very practical skills, Inventors have the energy and ability to take risks in their work. They easily relate to the physical world and rely on their intuition when they work.

Inventor holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Inventors are logical, practical, and are good at managing or leading other people. They're not always the first to volunteer for leadership positions but they are typically capable and willing to when they are required to do it. They are curious about the physical world and like to influence other people. Inventors are ambitious, persistent, and have a lot of energy when it comes to getting things done.

Things they can watch out for

Inventors' enthusiasm for making things happen can sometimes impede their ability to do the mundane or repetitive tasks that come along with big projects. They work fast and they sometimes get impatient if they have to wait on others to finish something that they could accomplish in a shorter time frame. While they can excel in building things, they do not view themselves as very artistic and have a more realistic than imaginative perspective.