The Producer Archetype

Primary trait: conventional, secondary trait: artistic

Producers like activities that require attention to detail. They like structure, though on some occasions like to find ways to express their creativity. These individuals like working in solitude where they can perfect their craft. The Producer prefers to work with data, but can also work with ideas when the right opportunity presents itself.

Producer holland code hexagon graph

Things they're good at

Producers are systematic and creative. They like a structured environment where they are able to be creative in an organized way. They are original and impulsive, but are also very detailed and meticulously keep track of all parts of their projects. They generally do not mind repetitive tasks, which means they often become very good at their artistic pursuits through a large amount of practice.

Things they can watch out for

Producers are a conflicting archetype as they have a creative side that is at odds with their organized and systematic side. This contrast can mean that Producers have a difficult time making career and life choices as they are always trying to appeal to both sides of their personality. They crave independence, but simultaneously want to be given tasks. They do well with creative work, but can be very rigid and inflexible at times when they need to be adaptable.